G2a Review – Is G2a Legit or A Scam?

G2a has been around for a while and so are controversies. In this video I review g2a and talk about if g2a really is a scam. Also lets find out if g2a is a legit digital key distributor. Support and buy games cheap (affiliate) : https://www.g2a.com/r/abstechie

G2a is an online digital key and license distributor/reseller of games and software. You can buy game keys and software at a cheaper price from g2a compared to steam, uplay, origin and gaming platforms. The main difference compared to other digital distributors is the market place where anyone can sell games.

As anyone can sell game keys at g2a so there are a lot of occasions where people receive used or invalid keys and they make g2a rant videos. Also there are a lot of scandals surrounding g2a as game companies like EA and Ubisoft revoked keys bought from g2a. So is g2a really a scam as a lot of people seem to complain that they were scammed by g2a? Lets find out in this g2a review video.

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