February 25, 2018

Easy Bonus Builder Review

Easy Bonus Builder Review: Get 50+ Bonuses At Only $27!

Hey there! It’s great to see you here with me today in this Easy Bonus Builder review. If you are doing online business and building your own service or product promoting site, this is the one you need. Easy Bonus Builder is the new package for building bonus page that saves you tons of time and money. To get the right understanding about this pack, read my Easy Bonus Builder review right below.

Beside the most important part of product quality, your bonus is also another critical factor deciding if people would choose your offer or not.

However, building a bonus page might be very costly and time-consuming.

Easy Bonus Builder is the ultimate package for building bonus page with everything you need from system to build, theme to decorate, bonus to give, and much more. This is the most powerful and valuable bonus page building system you will ever need.

To know how this system could save you up to $1000+ building bonus pages, the Easy Bonus Builder review of mine will give you the most realistic look at it.

Easy Bonus Builder Review – Product Summary

  • Creator: Edmund Loh
  • Launch Date: 2017-May-03
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $37
  • Recommend: highly recommended
  • Customer response: fast and effective

What Is Easy Bonus Builder?

Easy Bonus Builder is a web-based software and bonus package including an easy page builder with stunning themes and valuable bonuses ready for you. The bonus pages is 1 click away with Easy Bonus Builder so you don’t have to know to write a single line of code. You don’t have to buy any bonuses either, Easy Bonus Builder has them all inside for you.

The next part of my Easy Bonus Builder review is about the man who created Easy Bonus Builder.

About Edmund Loh

Edmund Loh is the creator of Easy Bonus Builder. He is a veteran product creator and also a skillful trainer with many internet marketing courses. His students always give him big thanks for his dedication to their great success.

Easy Bonus Builder is the results of years working in this industry of Edmund together with other great products of his. You can search on Google so easily to find out about the product that people love from Edmund. Some most famous products are: Marketing Stomp, Logo Genie Pro, Secret Software Builder, Coaching Firesale, High Ticket Cashout, and much more.

Key Features Of Easy Bonus Builder

1-Click Bonus Page Builder

With only 1 click, you have an instant bonus page ready for you to monetize. Of course, if you want to edit it, you will need more than just 1 click, but overall, this builder is really good. It works as just dragging and dropping elements which is super easy for everyone.

Rich Content Editor

There are various elements you can use to edit your bonus page such as texts, images, CTA buttons, videos, and much more.

50+ Bonus Page templates

You can choose among 50+ ready-to-use bonuses from the stock. These are valuable products that Edmund bought or created on his own so there’s nothing to worry about.

Bonus Download Page

Easy Bonus Builder creates a download page automatically for your bonus package when customer select the bonus they want to download.

Exit Pop-up Redirect

You can turn on the pop-up function when customer exit the page, so your page has smaller bounce rates as well as better conversion rates.

Who Should Use Easy Bonus Builder?

Easy Bonus Builder can help online marketers to promote their products or campaigns much better. Building professional bonus pages is nothing hard when you use Easy Bonus Builder, and it even helps to save much money investing in bonuses.

Bonus pages are a must for affiliate marketers and also product creators when building product promotional plans. Therefore, it’s obvious that these people are targeted customers for Easy Bonus Builder and it will serve them well.

How Does Easy Bonus Builder Work?

The steps to make Easy Bonus Builder works for you is really simple. In this Easy Bonus Builder review, I will recommend the easiest process for you to follow:

  • Step 1: Choose your theme and bonus from the library
  • Step 2: Edit the page with the elements you want to add or change
  • Step 3: Publish your completed bonus page and start using it

Easy Bonus Builder Review Pros And Cons

Pros of Easy Bonus Builder:

  • Modern design, huge template stock, and professional layout
  • Web-based system with 100% uptime for downloading
  • Good customer support from Edmund

Cons of Easy Bonus Builder:

This software adds great values to your campaigns but only when you have a website or an email list for marketing. Otherwise, this software cannot be used.

My Verdict

The first impression of mine about Easy Bonus Builder is that it is very easy to use. The drag-and-drop function is really useful for even newbies to control the page. Also, Easy Bonus Builder comes with 50+ bonuses (and 150+ more if you choose to buy its Upsell). This saves you over $1000 to get yourself a bonus stock and you will never have to worry about finding attractive bonuses again.

Easy Bonus Builder Review Conclusion

Well, for a general Easy Bonus Builder review, this is a truly good software to build the bonus page you need. The bonus package value is even 30 times bigger than the price of Easy Bonus Builder. So, if you want to get this product, you should take action now before other people get it first.

Easy Bonus Builder is in the launch time which offers a discount so you can get it at only $27. This price will soon be increased to $37, so you should buy the product now to secure the best deal! Click the button right below to get Easy Bonus Builder with the best price $27!

This is all I have to tell you in my Easy Bonus Builder review. If you have any troubles with this software, please contact Edmund support team for instant response. Thank you for reading!

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